This site is focused on:-

1) The Fluids of the Inner Ear, perilymph and endolymph

2) The Barriers of the Ear, controlling how substances enter and leave the ear

3) Local Drug Delivery to the Inner Ear

4) Computer Simulations of Drug Distribution in the Ear

Iillustrations at the top are:

(Left) A guinea pig inner ear in which the perilymphatic spaces were filled with orange latex and the endolymph space with dark blue latex. The ear was then dissected open. When this was performed back in the 1980's, this was our first ever 3D view of the inner ear fluid spaces.

(Middle) Digital 3D reconstruction of the fluid spaces of the guinea pig ear generated from virtual slices obtained with an optical sectioning technique. Yellow:scala tympani; Green: scala vestibuli; Blue:endolymph; Cyan: round window; Brown: stapes. This allows us to accurately quantify the dimensions of each of the fluid and tissue spaces of the ear for use in computer models.

(Right) A mid-modiolar histologic section through the guinea pig ear, detailing the membranous and cellular structures inside. 

The Salt Lab is Moving

Alec Salt is leaving Washington University as of Sept 30th, as a result of his failure to comply with their Covid vaccine mandate. Dr Salt caught Covid in late 2020. Recent studies (e.g. Gazit et al, 2021) demonstrate that natural immunity from having Covid offers 13X greater immunity than vaccination with the Pfizer vaccine. He strongly opposes employer vaccine mandates.

The lab is moving to Turner Scientific, a company that specializes in pharmacokinetic studies related to hearing.