Click here to Download FluidSim 4.06

The link takes you to Google Drive. When you get there, click the folder header (FluidSim406) and download the entire folder. 

Mac Owners, download the folder and please see additional instructions below

A Manual for running the program is included in the download.


FluidSim is a computer program that represents drug distribution in the inner ear. It is intended to help design and interpret inner ear drug delivery experiments in animals and to predict the distribution of drugs in the human ear, as needed to justify therapeutic protocols to the FDA. It is currently the most sophisticated simulation of drug distribution in the ear available.

The program can set up kinetic parameters of the drug molecule you are using. For the limited number of substances for which PK data are available (dexamethasone, gentamicin, etc), values are set based on the measured data. For other drugs, kinetic parameters are calculated based on the molecular properties (WLOGP and TPSA) of the substance, which can be determined for any substance.

It simulates intratympanic applications, direct injections into perilymph or endolymph, drug elution from cochlear implants and systemic and intrathecal applications. It simulates common measurement methods through fluid sampling. It can calculate for ears the size of the Human, Guinea Pig, Mouse or Cat.

To install the program, follow the google drive link below. On the Google drive website, click or right-click on the FluidSim4 folder and choose the download option. After you have unzipped the file, move the folder to wherever you want (e.g. desktop or documents directory) where you have "write" privileges. On PCs, double click the .exe app to start the program. An instruction manual (included in the folder) provides additional installation and setup details.

If you had an earlier version of FluidSim installed, it is highly recommended that you save the new version in a clean, new folder (as downloaded). If you have previous "molecules" definition files or other setup files, these can be copied to the new folder or accessed from the previous location.

NOTE: If you are installing on a MAC, in addition to downloading the folder above, you need to download the Mac App separately from this link.

Unzip the app and drag it to the FluidSim folder that you previously downloaded. Double click to run it. You will probably get a message such as:

You can allow it to run by going to System Preferences>Security and Privacy> General Page. If you unlock the page you should see:

Select the "Open Anyway" option. The program will now be allowed to run. I would also like to point out that I am a registered Apple developer and the code was signed with a certificate (otherwise you would not have got this far). But that is the way it is.

Comments and feedback on the program can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.