Toxicity Assessments for Hearing and Balance

 Before you start animal experiments measuring concentrations in the ear and their influence on hearing – use FluidSim Simulations.


Simulations provide a cost-effective way to design experiments with a minimum number of time points. They also help interpret blood and perilymph measurements, saving animals and reducing costs

Turner Scientific’s FluidSim program is the most sophisticated inner ear simulator presently available.

 As soon as you know the time course of the potentially toxic agent in blood, FluidSim can predict the time course for perilymph of the ear. The best time points for perilymph measurements can then be selected. FluidSim can be trained to replicate the amount of drug reaching the ear (by fitting to measured data), providing a complete time course and distribution of the agent within the ear.

 The inclusion of FluidSim analysis into the project allows toxicology experiments to be well-designed and efficient, minimizing the costs involved.


 The flow chart above shows how FluidSim simulations can guide the toxicity evaluation process. FluidSim allows the experimental design at every step to be optimized, minimizing the animal numbers and costs involved.

 FluidSim can be downloaded from the Turner Scientific website, allowing you to perform the calculations yourself.


  • The experienced staff at Turner Scientific can help guide you, providing FluidSim simulations and advice at each step of the process.


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