FluidSim 4.03 is now available to download

FluidSim is a simulation program that represents drug distribution in the inner ear. It is intended to help design and interpret inner ear drug delivery experiments and to extrapolate results in experimental animals to predict the distribution in the human ear. The new version 4.03:

1) Is a 64 bit application and will run on PC or Mac machines

2) Is 7 - 10x faster than FluidSim3

3) Sets kinetic parameters of the ear based on the drug molecule you are using. For the limited number of substances for which PK data are available (dexamethasone, gentamicin, etc), values are set based on the measured data. For other drugs, kinetic parameters are calculated based on the molecular properties of the substance, which can be determined for any substance.

4) Simulates intratympanic applications, direct injections into perilymph or endolymph, drug elution from cochlear implants and systemic and intrathecal applications.

To install the program, follow the google drive link below. On the Google drive website, right-click on the FluidSim4 folder and choose the download option. Copy or move the folder to wherever you want (e.g. desktop or documents directory) where you have "write" privileges. There are two versions of the program in the folder, the "app" for Mac machines and a .exe file for windows. Just double click the appropriate one to start the program. There is also an instruction manual (still under construction) which gives additional installation and setup details.

NOTE: If you are running MAC  OS 10.15.4 (Catalina) or later, the web-downloaded program will not yet run on your machine. From a memory-stick it works fine but not downloaded from the web. Apple's security is tight. We are working on how to resolve this, which apparently requires joining the Apple Developer Program.

Please bear in mind the program is still being edited and improvements to both the program and instruction manual will be added over time. Feedback can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and is appreciated.


Download FluidSim 4.03

(made available August 10, 2020)